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Makes marketers
AI Superheroes

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SuperHeroic is an AI capability building experience for modern marketers. 

Modern marketing leaders need to drive more growth and impact in shorter timescales with less resource. It’s not easy, but is there a new way forward?

The new generation of AI tools offers the promise of new ways of working. But how do you sort the hype from reality?

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Solve your biggest business challenges with AI

SuperHeroic provides marketers with hands-on training and support that enables them to

  • Future-proof their team 
  • Solve problems fast
  • Work more efficiently 
  • Never start with a blank page


Leadership training for up to 10 team members, in person or remote.


Work with your team to identify barriers and opportunities to adopting AI in fast sprints. 


Supercharge progress against your biggest challenges with a bespoke AI programme.

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Introductory sessions

Over the next few weeks, we'll be running free lively and engaging 1-hour sessions tailored for marketing leaders, these include

  • The opportunity for Generative AI tools and marketing
  • Walkthrough examples of Generative AI projects using ChatGPT,  Midjourney and D-iD.
  • A open discussion on practical considerations for AI in the enterprise

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